About Me

Hi! I'm Mrs. Wilson

I have been teaching for seven years.  I have just recently come back to Richmond County and am proud to be a Musketeer!  I am thrilled to be moving into my dream job as a high school literature teacher.    

I am more than just an English teacher, I am also a wife, mother, and artist. I double majored in Religious Studies and English at St. Andrews Presbyterian College in NC.  I also have a masters degree in Theology from Columbia Seminary in Atlanta, Ga.  I have two children, a son who will be a 11th grader in the ARC IB program and a daughter who is in 9th grade at  Davidson so we really are a Richmond County family.  I look forward to teaching you this year.  The study of English literature can be a difficult but exciting subject and I know you will be challenged as well as learn alot this year.  I would love to know all about you or answer any questions you have about assignments etc.  Feel free to drop me a line anytime.